Foxie Give-Away Competition

12th june, 2014

'Give-Away Competition'

Welcome, and thank you for stopping by...just a wee bit about me firstly.  I worked for many years in the Film & Television Industry within the Costume Department prior to making a 'Tree Change' to the Byron Hinterland.  With no idea what I was getting myself into, and with much help from the incredibly talented partner, we bought a small parcel of land and re-sited and gorgeous Queenslander. 10-12 years on, two children later we still continue to renovate.  Our taste is definitely rustic and eclectic,  with re-cycled building materials where possible.  

I currently operate a small 'micro' business from home where I design and hand make soft toys and screen print t-shirts. I have many boutiques locally who support me, also much of my business operates through Facebook, where people both locally and internationally can engage with me, and also shop direct from me.  I have been very fortunate to have the Production Designer of 'Offspring' select three of my toys for Zoe's set, in the current series.  And I am equally humbled that Asher Keddie also loves my Toys.

Now, I am offering this 'Give-Away Competition to Locals (Within Australia) whom are Fans of 'Offspring' currently screening....I originally would have liked to have run this competition on the official 'Offspring' Facebook page, but unfortunately they have far to many other comps to run.  So I will keep it simple.  This competition will run from 12th June till 12th July, 2014.

For your chance to win one of my handmade 'Wee Foxies' ...all I ask is that you: 

1.     Comment on the 'Post' Pinned at the top of my Facebook Page what has been your 'Favourite Moment' to date on 'Offspring'

2.     'Like' my Facebook Page (Link Below) and share 'Post "Pinned' at the top of my Facebook Page         

        Multiple shares means multiple entries, and please feel free to share on both personal pages and 
        business pages.

I will select a 'Favourite Moment' that resonates with me, and will announce the winner on 12th July, 2014 on my Blog.... Link to my Facebook Page is:

Below are the pictures of the three toys on set...and feel free to make any queries either direct on Facebook or via email at:

Wee Foxie

Made from a combination of Pure Wool, Cotton, Felt and trimmed with Lace

'Milly' stands at around 42cm, and is made from 
a combination of Cotton and Felt

'Ellie' Elephant stands at around 50cm, and is made from
a combination of Pure Wool, Cotton, Tulle, Lace and Felt

thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy following my page..
don't forget multiple public shares, means multiple entries!

more goodies also available at:

x mary

22nd march, 2014

Autumn Critters

Has been quite a while since I last had a moment to post some of my new creations over here, so I will fast forward to some new critters in the making.

late last year I was asked if I would create a Ladybug...this is the result, with tiny wings attached on her back

the range slowly multiplied

I am currently working on two new additions to this range...below is my
'Bush Fairy'
whom, wears with pride her tiny wings

rear view of 'Bush Fairy'

next to evolve is a beautiful 'Butterfly'
with her majestic wings

the detail is also applied to the back of her wings

below is a new colour combination for Miss 'Leggy Ladybug'

Another idea I will work on, when I have a moment to a Bumble Bee, who will also wear with pride a pair of tiny black wings.

thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful day! xm

15th september, 2013

Spring Collection

Pia #3. and Rose #4.

Spots & Stripes

Freya Twins

hope you enjoy this selection of Spring inspired Mini Dolls...all Mini Dolls stand at around 34-36cm in height..

11th august, 2013

Winter Beauties

Must slow down and not overload you all with whats going around inside this head.
Mika with hand crochet poncho

milly  #no.8

palm baby

 mini doll range now available with pooch and satchel bag

mini doll jackets now sold separately

Freya #no.2 with caplet 

sparkles pre-wings and tulle skirt

 new sparkles the fairy

hope you enjoyed this wee update xm

15th july, 2013

New Designs

Here are some recent creations added to the collection
Yasmin is slightly leggier here

Dreamy Mermaid in floral



Ava  #3.


Mika #4.

Mei Mei  #1.

Mei Mei  #2.

Mei Mei  #3.

have a lovely day!

14th june, 2013

Winter Collection

the past month has been a flurry of creative juices, so I chose to run with it!

Rose modelling red polkadot hooded cape

Mika's hairstyle was inspired by a recent trip to melbourne



Rose #2.

Rose #3.

Meisha #2.


 Another variation on Mika

Pia and Meisha #2.

have just update website with all my new makes at.....

winter range